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SND Player and extra utilities.

Filename Description Size SND Player v1.51 with a few example songs. 110 kB Simple .ttp player for SNDH files. With included sourcecode for SNDH header parsing and IRQ setup. 16 kB Conversion utility for creating SND files from Sid Sound Designer TRI/TVS. 76 kB A set of conversion utilities to convert Sid Sound Designer, Musicmon 2, Triplex, Trisound and xlr8 (including sidvoice!) into SNDH. Made by gwEm. 73 kB SoundPass CPX. Utility to redirect Falcon soundsystem. Good if you want to add DSP effects. 2 kB A powerful Falcon soundsystem setup utility. Manages all of the "Soundpass" features plus alot more. 51 kB A full featured SNDH-header editor. Implements the SNDH v2 tags. 24 kB


Songs tested with SND Player.

The SNDH archive has moved, a new MUCH upgraded archive can be found at